The Importance of Safe Driving

Even though safe driving is something to be taken very seriously, people often take it for granted. Every driver has the responsibility to drive safely, not just for the No Claim Discount (NCD) entitlement of your car insurance, but for the safety and happiness of everyone on the road.

With busier roads and distractions like our smartphones, safe driving has never been more important. Keep reading this article for reasons why it’s crucial to drive safely:

For everyone’s safety

There’s always a risk while driving on the road with other drivers and passengers. It only takes a careless mistake or a reckless decision to turn for an accident with terrible consequences to occur. People may get hurt in traffic accidents, or in the worst-case scenario, death may happen.

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To save money

If you are a reckless driver, you are putting yourself in danger and in risks of a car crash. Assuming you are a legal car owner with car insurance, you may lose your entitlement to NCD if you are involved in a car accident. On the other hand, you can get up to 55% discount off your car insurance if you drive safe for more than five years. You can also avoid paying for traffic tickets if you obey traffic laws.

It’s the law

Traffic laws such as speeding limits and obeying traffic lights exist for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Although there are times where we find the rules to be inconvenient or unnecessary, it’s essential to drive safely and obey the laws. You can be fined if you are caught breaking traffic laws, and your license can be revoked if you have been suspended three times.

It sets a good example

If you are a parent, it’s a good example for your children to have good driving habits. By driving safely, it’s more likely they will be influenced to do the same. In a situation when everyone else is also practising safe driving, your children will less likely to drive recklessly.

Drive responsibly

No matter how skilful you think you are at driving, your safety is the number one priority. It’s not worth to drive recklessly to save time on the road or get to your destination quicker.

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