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Artificial Intelligence in Phones: What Does It Mean?

As long as you’re not a frog in a well, chances are you’ve heard of the term artificial intelligence (AI). Some people might start thinking about human-killing robots, but it merely means the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

You can find AI in all kinds of machines these days, especially in our smartphones. For example, you have the Google Assistant in the Vivo V15.

But where else can you find AI in our smartphones?

Camera scene and object recognition

There are many smartphones AI that can identify various camera scene types like animals, sunsets and human faces. These dedicated cameras know what they are looking at, much more intelligent than auto modes. With these AI, you end up with a camera that knows the best settings for each scene.

Smart selfie blurs

The photography trend of portrait photos with blurred backgrounds is all the rage these days. Thanks to advanced AI object recognition, we can snap pretty selfies almost instantly. With two cameras set apart slightly, the phone will have different perspectives of a scene, and create a depth map to blur the background.

Digital assistants

Amazon Alexa and Siri are some examples of digital assistants in AI terms. They are voice-driven services and are the most convincing applications of AI in smartphones. Not only do they help us perform any task that we command, but they also feed on any provided data to learn about you and your habits. These data make digital assistants more predictive.

vivo v15

AI-assisted photo shooting

An example of an AI-assisted photo shoot is by the Huawei P20 Pro. With the phone’s AI, you can shoot a night photo with no tripod required. The AI takes a whole series of shots at different exposure levels, then merge the result for the best result. The AI’s job was to detect slight differences between the pictures and stitch the images together.


Without AI, most of the fantastic features of our smartphones become unavailable. Although there are people who are worried about the dangers of AI, we believe it’s still a long way before it becomes anything like the Terminators. Until then, let’s enjoy our beautiful selfie pictures.

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