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Interviewing an Engineer? Make Sure to Ask These Questions

Employers hold job interviews to get to know a candidate better after recruitment screenings on Jobstreet Singapore. Then, they prepare questions to discover something that can help them assess the candidate’s suitability for a job.

However, interviewing for technical positions such as engineers can be more complicated than others. Human resource (HR) personnel may find themselves struggling with the technicality of the questions and wouldn’t know what to ask.

If you’re looking to fill an engineer position, here’s a list of questions you can refer for your next interview:

What new engineering skills have you learned lately?

In the engineering field, technology is always progressing. It will be valuable to hire an engineer that is willing to learn and develop skills on top his current knowledge. Asking this question can help you assess a candidate that is always pursuing higher education to advance their understanding of engineering.

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What do you think are necessary characteristics to be an engineer?

Apart from technical skills, the personality and attitude of a candidate are also crucial. The ideal candidate should not only be able to list the characteristics he desires, but he should also demonstrate the skills in his past experiences.

Have you ever solved a problem with the idea that was implemented in the engineering field?

Engineers are problem solvers. You want an engineer that can come up with ideas and solve challenges with intended results. The answers should also include some quantifiable data and take note of how they handle the problems. If you think you need help, ask your engineering head to assess the answers with you.

What are you looking for in your next team or company?

Engineers rarely work alone. An ideal engineer has no problems collaborating with others or communicating with clients. Everyone is going to answer “yes” if you ask if they’re a team player, so try asking this question to get more in-depth answers.


An engineering position is most likely very important with significant responsibilities. Any error in your judgement can lead to a hiring failure and impact your company’s product development. Make sure you are always prepared when interviewing a technical position.

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